We all have had our favorite hat, visor, or shirt at some point in our lives. Only to have it ripped from our clutches by a sneaky friend, or a night of too much booze and loss of memory. That’s just how Sideline started; to fill the void of those lost pieces but has grown into a lifestyle.

Seven guys from Texas Tech started the evolution of this company years ago. We are here to keep the tradition alive.

Our goal is to always outfit you with something that has style while enjoying the best times in life. We give you a fresh take on what to wear to tailgate, the big game, on the course, at the bar, Sunday brunch and the pool. It’s time we gave the loyal alumni and up and comers on campus the best to wear on Gameday. 

Don’t you worry, Texas Tech was only the beginning. We have now added SMU and Texas State University but more are on the way!  Stay tuned…


We are officially licensed through IMG College Licensing for each of the universities listed on our website.